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Why Black Lives Matter in Anti-Violence Work

This workshop focuses on the ways in which Black folks are often under-supported and excluded in anti-violence work. Anti-black racism is something that is pervasive across countless institutions but particularly in healthcare, education and community services where sexual assault survivors may seek help and support. This workshop, originally designed for the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre volunteers, is now open to all and can act as foundational learning for those doing anti-violence work and anyone else looking to support and care for Black folks in their communities.

The workshop will provide education around the Black Lives Matter movement; its origins and the Vancouver chapter. It will also look at the ways in which our society deters Black survivors from accessing necessary post-trauma support, particularly for those living within the margins of the margins such as women, and queer and trans folks.

The workshop can be tailored to different organizational needs.




FACILITATORS: Cicely-Belle Blain


Unlearning Anti-Blackness 101

Unlearning Anti-Blackness 101 is a workshop for allies (white folks and non-black people of colour) to understand the ways in which anti-blackness is so violent and yet so pervasive in our society, especially in a city with such a small black population. This workshop is not an Ally™ badge / license to use the N word / an undoing of centuries of colonial and racial violence towards Black people. It is a small step in a life-long journey of unlearning anti-black racism and working towards creating communities that are safe and welcoming for Black folks. We invite you to join us for a facilitated conversation around unlearning anti-blackness.

The workshop can be tailored to different organizational needs.




FACILITATORS: Cicely-Belle Blain, Ivan Leonce


No Police in Pride: A Black Lives Matter Workshop

Police do not belong in Pride. Pride is a protest. A protest started by queer and trans people of colour. A protest started by Black trans women. While Pride has become globally known as a celebration, it is inherently a movement rooted in activism that centres civil and human rights: it’s not a time for violent institutions or performative allyship.

This workshop will help atteendees understand why Black Lives Matter chapters across North America have made demands for police departments to be removed from the Pride parade. While other cities’ police departments have honoured this request, the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP have refused to disengage from Pride.

Through this workshop, we will unpack the nuances of this, how it is intrisically linked to anti-Blackness and share some insights into Black Lives Matter Vancouver’s workings.




FACILITATORS: Cicely-Belle Blain, Daniella Barreto

*  Community rates are for low income organizations, charities and non-profits that work from a grass roots, anti-oppression and social justice lens. Skills trades can also be discussed!