black lives matter

“Cicely-Belle’s work is changing Vancouver. Their dedication to anti-racism and Black liberation in this city is timely and much-needed. They are an eloquent, passionate, and engaging facilitator and organizer. You will leave their workshops with your head buzzing, your hands full, and your eyes opened. More importantly, you will leave their workshops empowered with the knowledge that there is work to be done. You will not regret working with them.”

– K. Ho, photographer at Photos by K. Ho and facilitator at CampOUT, Mosaic, Out in Schools

“As someone with little to no anti-Blackness training, I was a bit nervous to go to some of the trainings hosted by Cicely-Belle. Turns out, I was worried for nothing. Their calm demeanour, willingness to answer questions and extremely well thought out trainings helped me learn so much. I highly recommend their workshops to anyone!”

– Vanessa Ramponi, McMaster Engineering Student

“Cicely has an amazing ability to turn our brainstorming into concrete results that can be used in our work, and which are visually very pleasing! I am normally not a fan of icebreakers and similar games, but Cicely’s were different from the norm and most of them were really fun and thought-provoking – I think this helped in creating a safe(r) space and group cohesion!”

–  workshop participant