Why Beyonce’s Rene Magritte reference is so important!

Approximately twelve minutes after I discovered that Queen Bey had dropped a crazy surprise albumDrunk in Love was my new ring tone, text message notification sound and alarm song. So, yes, you might call me a fan. After my friends and I finally regained composure (we were literally reduced to jelly by the awesomeness) I scanned the web to see if anyone else had noticed the pure amazingness that was the Rene Magritte-inspired scene in Mine feat. Drake.


There was nothing – possibly because it was 1 AM and no one, except me, daughter of an artist, is trying to notice the 10 seconds of a pop video wholly dedicated to the beauty that is surrealist art. Thankfully now there has been some response, namely Andrew Russeth’s positive take on it.

The second is a still from the video Mine and the first picture is the famous painting, The Lovers, by Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte. The similarity is not just in my mind, is it?

Why am I so excited about this?

Because a) Beyonce is my favourite musician/celebrity/pop sensation on the globe and b) Magritte is my favourite artist. This cannot get better. Not only are two of my favourite things so randomly and miraculously and unexpectedly combined in one amazing feat of imagination and creativity, I am going to assume that this means Beyonce has some interest in or at least knowledge of visual art. And yes, I know, maybe she had no idea and her creative directors just shoved it in there. But the completely Flawless human being that we assume Beyonce to be can only be improved by the thought that despite her husband making awkwardly placed references to domestic abuse, she has brilliant artistic taste and is goddamn cultured!

My girlfriend is utterly tired of me playing Beyonce on loop with breaks only for more Beyonce so when I’m alone I am jamming out hard to Beyonce and thinking about how not only is she a superstar musician, she friggin’ likes Rene Magritte too!

Such jamming also caused this:

50 shades

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